The Holy Spirit

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His Gifts and the Prophets

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Who is the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit an influence, a power, a person...?

Ephesians 3.16 :
« I pray that he will empower you through his Spirit... Your roots will grow down and keep you strong. »

How abundant life is transmitted to the believer if it is not through the Spirit of God ?
His various gifts are a must if we want to experence daily communciation with God and
keep a strong faith. After one year of studies at the Holy Ghost Academia, the author will
introduce the reader to the Spirit of God;
you will understand who he is, what he is doing and how.

The Trinity The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament bringing life.
Bringing the Word to mankind.
The Holy Spirit in the New Testament .
Holy Spirit and Jesus.
Holy Spirit and the believers.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Baptism in the Holy Spirit and salvation.
The gifts of the Holy Spirit.
To speak in tongues and the gift to speak different languages.
Which are these gifts? Prophecy and prophet. The fruit of the Holy Spirit.


Rard, Eugene







Rard, Eugene


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The Holy Spirit
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